AAX Media

A new kind of ad exchange.

AAX connects buyers and sellers of Acceptable Ads—unobtrusive ads designated by the independent Acceptable Ads Committee. By creating a bridge between the needs of publishers and marketers and the wants of an audience of almost 200 million, AAX signals its commitment to help shape an ad ecosystem that is:

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    User research shows that 83% of ad-blocking users are happy to see ads that respect user experience.

  • Healthy

    AAX is an ad exchange that serves only Acceptable Ads.

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    The majority of over 1 billion ad blocking users worldwide filter ads, rather than blocking them all.

Ad blocking is dead.
Ad filtering is the future.

AAX is transparent, programmatic, user-consented, and brand-safe: an exchange capable of reaching users seeking an alternative ad experience.

Who Benefits?

  • Demand Partners

    Reach a consenting, engaged audience of young, educated, and high-income individuals.

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  • Publishers

    Generate incremental revenue by significantly monetizing the ad-blocking audience, while acting as a vanguard of positive user experience.

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  • Users

    Ensure favorite content remains free while participating in a positive, supportive browsing experience.

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A free tool to help publishers measure how much they would generate by displaying Acceptable Ads to the audience of consenting ad-block users

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