Monetize your ad blocking audience

Easy implementation and zero maintainnence: Ensure the best ads are being served

The ad blocking audience has almost 200 million premium users

  • A New, Transparent Marketplace

    AAX is respectful, brand-safe, transparent, and user-approved. There are no hidden fees, and you can leverage your direct advertiser relationships as long as the creative fits the Acceptable Ads criteria.

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  • Increase Revenue Via Premium Users

    Be the vanguard of positive user experience while finding a meaningful way to monetize your ad blocking audience of almost 200 million premium users. Blockmeter, a free tool offered by AAX, can help publishers get a sense of the revenue potential to be unlocked.

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  • Easy Implementation

    AAX doesn’t affect your non- ad blocking monetization at all, and there's zero maintenance. Avoid sub-optimal integrations and questionable demand: AAX supports RTB, Acceptable Ads fallbacks, and direct advertisements.

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